A treatment like no other

Thread Lift


Thread Lift

Thread lifting is a non-surgical facelift with a unique double lifting and regenerating effect. They call this “The 21st century lift without surgery”.

This new concept in facial rejuvenation is a 30-minute procedure that results in a refined, lifted and natural appearance restoring the ‘triangle of youth’ without resorting to surgery. Thread lifting will give you an immediate result by redefining and adding volume, and to continue to restore shapeliness for 18 -24 months.

What is thread lifting?

Collagen is a natural protein that keeps skin firmed, toned and therefore youthful. As you get older, collagen loses strength and its ability to stand up to the effects of gravity that pull the skin downward. Fat under the chin and lower cheeks results in jowls.

Thread is an innovative technology from the USA with the unique double effect of lifting and regenerating facial skin to give gradual and natural results. It uses re-absorbable sutures (as with dissolvable stitches in surgery) with tiny, re-absorbable bidirectional cones that hold the suture in place. The suture thread is made of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) and is gently drawn through the skin with a very fine needle. It is absorbed by the body over 18-24 months. This technique leaves no scars.

There are two actions:

  • A lifting effect: as soon as treatment is carried out, your medical practitioner is able to redefine the area treated by compressing and lifting the skin tissue thanks to the bidirectional and re-absorbable cones.
  • A regenerative effect: over the next 18 months, the poly-L-lactic acid suture thread will be naturally absorbed by your skin. The acid is used in many (FDA) approved therapeutic devices because it’s biodegradable and fully compatible with our body. It will act on your deep skin layer to stimulate the body to produce its own collagen – redefining your facial features while maintaining volume.
What can thread lifting be used for?

This treatment is suitable for both women and men. The ideal patient is 30-60 years old, without either excessively loose or severe drooping in the neck, mid face, jowls or brow areas.

We will discuss the treatment for the best results for your age as thread lifting can be combined with fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, and skin tightening and lifting treatments such as Thermage® CPT and Ultherapy®.

How long does thread lifting last?

The effect lasts up to 18 months – 2 years depending on your age and skin laxity.

How soon will I notice results?

There is an immediate but natural lift effect in addition to a progressive volumizing action over 18 months. 

What should I expect?

Thread lifting is carried out in just thirty minutes using a local anaesthetic, by a medical practitioner trained in the treatment.

After a small local anaesthetic is administered to the tiny entry points ready for the re-absorbable suture cones, your specialist practitioner will insert the sutures under the skin to a depth of about three to five millimeters. There is no need for an incision, as a fine needle is used. The suture is held in place with re-absorbable cones facing opposite directions (bidirectional). One or more sutures may be necessary depending on the area(s) to be treated.

Your practitioner will then slightly compress the tissue of the area being treated to reshape it by hand for the desired and discreet lifting effect. The non-inserted ends of the suture are then cut off.

We will explain everything in detail and make you feel at ease and relaxed on the day of your treatment, knowing you’re in safe, expert and medically qualified hands.

Is there any downtime?

No, this is a non-invasive treatment and no incision is necessary. Treatment takes just 30-45 minutes under local anesthetic and only one procedure is needed.

How safe is thread lifting?

Thread Lifting uses a natural component – poly-L-lactic acid (or (PLLA)) – that is biocompatible and fully re-absorbable and successfully proven in a number of medical and pharmaceutical fields, such as suture thread, orthopedic pins, and screws and nails for bone fractures. In three years, more than 170,000 thread lifting treatments have been carried out worldwide.

Thread Lifting can only be performed by a doctor who has been trained and certified on thread lifting sutures.